Saturday, 9 November 2019

First EME QSO.

I've just spent a couple of days listening to the moon and getting nowhere using WSJT-X.

When I use WSJT-X with the K3s I have a hell of time trying to the get the RX levels right with the K3s LIN OUT set to 1 the PC Microphone level is set at 0.4dB the RX level indicator in WSJTX is still at 60dB and I haven't a clue why, anyway the upshot is I only had a couple of decodes.

Anyway I switched to MSHV and low and behold multi decodes within 60 minutes of using it, yippie!

So with half an hour before bed I noticed K9MRI in EN70IU and thought what the heck I'd give it ago not expecting much with such a small antenna array and low and behold we completed.

I'm now off to party it's been a hard slog getting that first QSO via EME and I'm ecstatic or should that be over the moon?

First EME contact with K9MRI.

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