Thursday, 23 January 2020

Your stations crap why can't you hear me?

When I moved to the Isle of Sheppey radio gaining my amateur radio licence wasn't on my mind I was doing some radio astronomy taking hydrogen line measurements of the milkyway so I didn't buy a property with the idea of operating a VHF/UHF station from it.

I've had a number of comments in the 2m UKAC with why can't you hear me? Your station is crap.

Well there's a couple of reasons.
  1. The noise floor at this location is around -125dBm all year round and in fact in winter is can be even higher.
  2. The tropology of the location.

Well number is primary worse than it was due to stacking the antennas and I still need to get someone up on the mast to understack the array for me.    

Number two however is obviously nothing I can change short of moving house and I'm not doing that.    

My QTH is around 40m above sea level and to boot I live on the side of a hill, consequently in certain directions I have a great take off and in others I might as well unplug the antenna and use a wet piece of string. 

Anyway to show the issue I've taken some tropology profiles which hopefully should show why if you live towards the East of my location I have such trouble in hearing you. 😀

45 Degrees
135 Degrees
225 Degrees
315 Degrees
You can see the take off in all directions on the HeyWhatsThat website.

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