Tuesday, 24 December 2019

First two months of moon bounce operations

I finally became QRV on 2m EME on the 9th of November 2019 with my first QSO with K9MRI.

I wasn't exactly trying to have a QSO but Joseph popped up on the waterfall as was so strong I thought what the hell I'd give ago and low and behold we managed my first QSO, happy days!

My system isn't yet optimised and in fact I suffer with a lot of local QRM which is hampering activity  but I think with some modifications to the antenna system in the new year should help greatly.

A pre-amp may be worth trying but I think there's probably to much noise here to able to use one but only time will see.

Anyway here's my first dozen EME QSO's.

Date Time Time Callsign Locator Distance
------ ------ ------ ------ ------
09/11/19 23:13 K9MRI EN70IU 6352km
17/11/19 00:17 UA3PTW KO93BS 2506km
07/12/19 16:17 RX1AS KO59XW 2143km
08/12/19 16:49 I2FAK JN45OB 943km
08/12/19 19:27 UR3EE KN88DC 2552km
11/12/19 19:32 HB9Q JN47CG 709km
11/12/19 19:49 S52LM JN65TX 1119km
14/12/19 21:05 I3MEK JN55SJ 1038km
14/12/19 21:15 RK3FG KO86HP 2380km

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